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Barbara Is Drowning

Barbara is drowning. A psychological examination of the wife of a high powered executive accused of sexual misconduct. Barbara weighs her options as she confronts the stories of the women her husband has harmed. Barbara must decide if she will stand by blindly or risk everything for the truth. A story about guilt, sacrifice, and the impossible decisions women are forced to make.

This play is currently being developed as part of the Young Creators Unit at Playwrights Workshop Montreal under the guidance of Dramaturg Jesse Stong.

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The Sisters Fox

Come see the strange and peculiar Fox Sisters as they communicate with the dead. Witness how their dark skill brings them fortune and fame until rumours spread that their clairvoyance is a hoax. Can Maggie and Kate Fox hold onto the empire they've built or will rumours destroy everything? Witness The Sisters Fox and ask yourself, do you believe in ghosts?

THE SISTERS FOX is inspired by a surprisingly true story.

Created by Lauren Holfeuer and Alex Hartshorn, this new work premiered at the Saskatoon Fringe Festival in 2017 and was voted one of "Best of the best at Potashcorp Fringe Festival" by the Saskatoon Starphoenix

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The Mountain's Last Song

The Mountain's Last Song is a new play about sisters (Ada and Hettie Jones) who, in the early 1900’s, flee their hometown after a coal mining disaster devastates the area. The tale is told ten years later as the women perform a live concert, singing old folk songs from home. Throughout the performance Ada and Hettie recount the events that led up to the disaster and the moments that have brought them to this; the last show they will ever perform. Can they truly leave behind their dark past in order build a new future for themselves?

In the summer of 2017 The Mountain's Last Song was workshopped with director Emma Tibaldo and festival dramaturge Vern Thiessen at the Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre Spring Festival of New Plays.

The music for this piece is co-written with Geoffrey Smith of the Saskatoon band Gunner and Smith. Funding for this collaboration was made possible by support from the Saskatchewan Arts Board.

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The Ghost and The Darkness

Two one act plays: The Ghost and The Darkness. A tale with it's origins in the incredible history of the two lions of Tsavo. Nothing to do with lions and yet everything to do with creatures who bite. In The Darkness a horrific event is revisited by the four friends who were closest to it. In The Ghost a young woman attempts to find a path forward after an assault.

In May of 2016 The Ghost and The Darkness was selected to be part of the Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre Spring Festival of New Plays. Nina Lee Aquino was the festival dramaturg and Chelsea Haberlin directed the workshop. After three days of working with four incredible actors The Ghost and The Darkness was presented for a public reading. This experience was invaluable to the development of the production.

In June of 2017 Lauren traveled to Toronto to undertake mentorship and training for Darkness / Ghost at Factory Theatre under the guidance of Nina Lee Aquino. This project was made possible with support from Creative Saskatchewan's Business Capacity Grant Program. 

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The Adventures of Millicent and Margaret

The Adventures of Millicent and Margaret is a brand new indie-musical. The play occurs in the near future and tells the story of two life long best friends who set off on the biggest adventure their world has ever seen. They leave behind the city, the only place they have ever known, to set out across the wilderness in search of something better. Along the way they are faced with many dangers, toxic land, treacherous mountain passes, threatening strangers, ocean storms and the greatest danger of all … losing each other. Can these two friends summon their strength, take a risk, and save us all on their journey through the world?

An odyssey for a better world.

Featuring seven brand new musical compositions by Lauren Holfeuer.



ASYLUM OF THE BIRDS - Ruminating on her lineage and the brother she has recently buried, an old woman clings to life in order to keep away those who would take her place when she is gone. Produced by Shortcuts play Festival, February 2019.

KNEAD - Two friends get their hands dirty making a loaf of bread and their hearts dirty determining what falling out love feels like. Produced by Shortcuts Play Festival, 2016.



Article for Intermission Magazine: SHE CRIES




  • Captive - confinement, madness, sanity, women under lock and key. Their crime? Existing. Speaking.

  • Auto - Bio - They say, write what you know. So, that’s what? Only the life you’ve lived and the way you think it will all pan out? An auto-biographical dive into the life, memories, culture, and the inevitable death that the author imagines she will face.

  • Wronged - Wronged by their fathers, by their true-loves, by history, and by the author himself, Shakespeare’s leading ladies come together in this dark comedy, to protest what has become of their legacies. A kidnapped starlet, an unrecognizable Bob Shakespeare, and furious famous heroines ensure blood will be spilt in the fight for freedom.

  • The School Project - A semi-verbatim, semi-documentary deep dive into the lives of immigrants who come to Montreal from all over the world. An examination of building a new home and a new community where the first major obstacle is simply to be understood.

  • Ayumi in the Heart of Radiation - Seven years after the earthquake / tsunami that crushed parts of Japan and caused the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Power Plant Ayumi must face the aftermath of radiation to return home or find her brother before it’s too late.